LatinaCon Summit

What is LatinaCon?
LatinaCon is going to be a conference created by Latinas for Latinas on Monday June 12, 2023! 
Latina leaders from across the region are coming together to create an intentional space for building community and connection with students who identify as Latina in Westminster Public Schools.
As part of this effort, we want to host this conference as a gathering for WPS middle and high school Latinas and their families. We want to provide a space for young Latina students to connect and be inspired by other Latina leaders. 
Some of the things we have already thought about including are: 
A powerful panel of Latina leaders to share their stories and answer questions about how they got to where they are now
Workshops for students
Workshops for parents/grandparents/guardians around how to support their Latina students 
Entertainment and food! 
This is our first ever LatinaCon and we are looking to you to help influence our conference. As educators, we are conscious of the parent’s importance in the future of our students. We value your opinion as parent/grandparents/caregivers and would appreciate your feedback and  participation. Please take a few minutes to provide your input
Let's celebrate nuestra Latinidad in all of its beauty!

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