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UPDATE: Submission Deadline extended to Thursday December 10th.

Smarter Travel is the meeting place for the whole sustainable transport profession in the UK. The event features; Speed Networking, case study presentations, academic research and international perspectives on sustainable transport.

In 2016 we seek presentations on LSTF Legacy, lessons and where seed-corn funding has enabled positive long term behaviour change to be achieved.  

The role of local government is changing and this event will create a dialog between the entrepreneurs and local government, sharing knowledge and working together in problem solving and in 2016 we are looking for participants to join a ‘Hackathon.’

In 2015 we looked at the role of intelligent mobility in sustainable transport. Milton Keynes is the home of the Transport Systems Catapult and Milton Keynes Council is one of the most innovative with the autonomous vehicle trial, electric bus fleet and taxi share pilot.

What practical application can intelligent mobility provide to support the sustainable transport, cycling and walking agenda?

The role of public transport is also changing; Total Transport pilot schemes are looking at how local authority services can be rationalised, mobility as a service schemes are redefining how people pay for and learn about public transport options and integration between modes.

Finally, air quality is top of the agenda; many major schemes might not pass due to impacts on air quality. Low emission vehicles contribute towards reducing carbon emissions and air quality.

How do behaviour change programmes contribute to getting people to choose low emission vehicles?

How much of a role can shared transport play in improving transport efficiency?  

What practical roles can autonomous vehicle technology play in improving road safety, reducing emissions and more efficient transport systems?

If you are involved in research, development or practical case studies of any of these themes, we would like to hear from you.

To submit an abstract please follow the link - due to popular demand the deadline has now been extended to December 10th. The conference will be in Milton Keynes on 17th - 18th March.

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