A new start for Montfort Park

Improving Montfort Park for the community

Montfort Park, on the corner of Henkel and Wendel Streets in Brunswick, has been in private hands and has not been accessible to the public for more than 20 years. Great news: Merri Bek Council is in the process of buying back the park and restoring public access! Woohoo!

The next question is: what should Montfort Park look like and be used for when it is back in public ownership and accessible to all? 

Please take a few minutes to respond to the survey to let us know your ideas. We'll share the responses with Council to help them plan for the future look, feel and function of Montfort Park. 
1.Which street in Brunswick do you live in?
2.Would you be likely to use or access Montfort Park when it is open to the local community?
3.What would you like to see done with the outside space at Montfort Park?
4.What would you like to see happen to the big fence that currently surrounds the Park? 
5.What would be a good way to use the existing hall (it used to be a Scout Hall)?
6.Would you be interested in any community consultation on the future of Montfort Park? If so, please provide your contact details.