* 1. When was the last time you visited an Athens-Clarke County Leisure Services facility or park?

* 2. When you think about ACC Leisure Services, which facilities come to mind? Check all that apply.

* 3. Which facility/park do you visit most often? Why?

* 4. Does the physical condition of the park or amenities in the park affect your usage? If yes, how?

* 5. Please rank which media you find most useful and effective at promoting events at parks/facilities.

* 6. Rate your satisfaction with the promotion of events and services through the Leisure Services Department's Facebook page.

* 7. Have you used the Leisure Services Department's online registration? Did you have a positive or negative experience? Please describe.

* 8. How can the Leisure Services Department improve your experience online?

* 9. What programs/events are most important to you?

* 10. How can we improve your experience at our programs, parks, and facilities?

* 11. The Leisure Services Department does its best to provide programs, facilities, and events for the entire community. Do you feel that there is a population segment that is under served? If so, who?

* 12. In your interactions with the Leisure Services staff, are you satisfied with your experience and customer service? If not, can you provide examples?

* 13. What is one thing that the Leisure Services Department could do to improve its public image?

* 14. What is one thing that Leisure Services does well?

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