SFTE Website

As a quick visit to our SFTE.org website shows, SFTE offers members symposium proceedings, job listings, scholarships, newsletter, and professional recognition. 

* 1. How well does SFTE meet your expectations for the general services the website offers to members such as symposium proceedings, job listings, scholarships, the monthly newsletter, and professional recognition?

* 2. What else would you like SFTE to do? (constitutional objective is advancing FT engineering via technical & fraternal communication in the allied engineering fields of test ops, analysis, instrumentation, and data systems)

* 3. SFTE has managed to sustainable operations and services over the years while retaining notably low membership dues. Do you prefer keeping the current operational model or would you be willing to pay more for expanded services? Please explain.

* 4. The Technical Council offers four "Information Networking" services: Technical Expert Database, Online Forum, Digital Notebook, and Webinars. If not already doing so, how can SFTE better communicate these services to you?

* 5. How can SFTE best encourage you and other members to contribute to member-driven initiatives? (Technical Expert Database, Online Forum, Digital Notebook, and Webinars). 

* 6. The Technical Council also offers professional development services including a training course review and a FTE endorsement program. However, there has been little interest from members.  Are you aware of these programs? More so, what is your interest level in these offerings? 

* 7. The Reference Handbook is a handy tool with plenty of quick-reference items including units' conversions, standard atmosphere, motion and vibration analysis, and the electromagnetic spectrum.
Are you aware that all paying members are entitled to receive a hard copy reference handbook upon request and a digital copy via the website? 

* 8. Is there anything that you may wish to contribute to the Reference Handbook?

* 9. Currently, we have 14 active chapters across the world. Each Chapter is responsible for running their own events, whether these be monthly dinner meetings, annual fly-ins, or whatever. Are you satisfied with your Chapter's activities? 

* 10. Is there anything else you would like to happen that is not currently being offered? 
Are you willing to contribute to make these things happen?