1. 6 Questions On Privilege. Thank You In Advance For Your Time.

* 1. What do you think about a High WASP trying to (gasp) earn a meager living from her blog?

* 2. What would you think if I were to include ads on Privilege? My first efforts would be to see if companies with products I like would be willing to advertise, rather than go with an ad network.

* 3. Would you be willing to read sponsored posts, assuming I abide by the Code of Conduct and disclose any relationships?

* 4. If Privilege were to offer e-books, or tongue-in-cheek e-pamphlets, on, let's say, "What Kind Of High WASP Are You?", what would your reaction be?

* 5. Would you be interested in a (I can barely say this) book? An actual book? If I could get someone in the business, of course, to think about publishing it? Which, of course, I have not even started to attempt?

* 6. What topics do you like best on Privilege? What least? Please evaluate the post types.

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