LUREC Guest Satisfaction Survey

* 1. Would you recommend LUREC to your friends and colleagues?

* 2. Was everything in your room in working order?

* 3. Were your accommodations comfortable?

* 4. How would you rate our staff's hospitality (friendliness, courtesy, responsiveness)?

* 5. How would you rate LUREC's ability to provide a relaxing atmosphere?

* 6. Please rate our staff friendliness and hospitality in any of the following areas you had a chance to interact with staff:

  Excellent Good Average Poor Bad N/A
Retreat Center Staff
Dining Services

* 7. Meeting Facilities- Expectations

  Exceeded Met Did Not Meet
Physical Layout
Audio/ Visual Equipment
Room Temperature

* 8. Food Services- Expectations

  Exceeded Met Did Not Meet
Quality of Food/ Beverage
Prompt Service
Variety of Choice

* 9. Did you participate in the challenge course?

* 10. If you did participate in the challenge course how was your experience?

* 11. Did anyone in particular make your stay more enjoyable?

* 12. Any other suggestions and/ or comments?