* 1. Which learning center are you enrolled in?

* 2. How many weeks of computer training have you had?

* 3. Are you taking this as a pre or post test?

The questions below will help to determine your Google Drive Level.
Select the best answers below.

* 4. Google Drive is a program that must be downloaded?

* 5. The size of your free Gmail inbox is:

* 6. In Gmail, what happens when you select to Archive an email?

* 7. A "signature" is a message that is automatically included at the bottom of every email you type.

* 8. Stars are automatically assigned to your emails and let you know which emails Gmails guesses are "important."

* 9. List the Microsoft program with its comparable Google Drive program:

Google Drive Document
Google Drive Presentation
Google Drive Spreadsheet
Google Drive Drawing

* 10. Anyone you share a Google Drive document with can view, comment, and edit that file.

* 11. You can upload any file to your Google Drive.

* 12. Since Google Drive stores files in the cloud, that means you must have internet access to view them, but you can view them on any computer.

* 13. Google Drive is...

* 14. List three Google Products with the Google Drive Suite.

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