Community Picture Proposal Information

The Board of Directors for the Otay Ranch Five Community Association have received a couple proposals for pictures of the Otay Ranch Five Community amenities and properties located within the Community. The proposals were broke down into three parts. The first part is Community amenities for the website including the entries to the Association, Community pool and Countryside Park. Photos would be taken at sunrise and sunset.The second part would be for pictures of the front of all single family homes and the third part of the proposal would be for several aerial photos of the Community.

The proposed vendors have agreed to break up the different projects without a change in price according to any decision made by the Associations Board of Directors. The cost for the first part would be around $1800. The cost of the second part would be approximately $5 per home and the third part would be approximately $8,000. Photos would be provided in digital and printed format and would be documented according to address for Community records.

Some of the reasons the Board of Directors are considering the proposals provided include:

1. Updating the Association's website with current professional photos.
2. Communications to members to show changes/upgrades made over the past couple years.
3. Create a base for homeowner files to document paint colors, current installations, number of garages, landscape scheme, etc.
4. To have a photo to review to refer to when speaking to homeowners regarding any questions (ex. what color on the paint scheme is the trim of my home?, what areas are in need of ground cover?, what part of this fence belongs to my property and what belongs to my neighbor?, etc.)
5. Having photos on file would decrease the amount of time needed from Management to go back and look at properties and assist in providing complete responses to homeowners in a faster manner.
6. Aerial photos would be helpful to document areas of maintenance (lighting, landscaping, backflows, trees, etc.). Community maps outlining these items are not available and have not been able to be obtained by the City.

The Board has not made a decision on this proposal and would like your feedback before making a decision.

If you have any questions, please contact Management by

* 1. Do you think the Board should approve moving forward with one of these proposals for pictures?