1. What is your name?

2. Why did you choose to take this course?

3. Please rank the following activities.

  I would rather swim with sharks with a raw steak in my mouth. I rather dislike the activity. I'm neutral. I would enjoy the activity. I love the activity and would look forward to it. Nothing in the Educational Universe would make me happier!
Artistic Activites
Musical Activities
Public Speaking
Group Activities
Individual Activities
Writing Paragraphs/Essays
Creative Writing
Outdoor Activities
Field Trips
Making Videos
Giving Presentations
"Hands On" activities
Activities with lots of movement

4. How often do you read, and how often do you write on your own time? What is the main type of reading you do? (Novels, magazines, facebook status updates, etc.)

5. What are your plans for next year?

6. What are one or two things you would really like to learn about or do in this class?

7. Is there anything you would like me to know about you in regards to this class? (What works well for you, or what gets in the way of your learning)

8. Are you involved in any extra curricular activities outside of class? (sports, work, drama etc.) Please list all activities.

9. Do you have access to any of the following?

  Yes No
Digital Camera
Reliable Internet service at home
Do you use Facebook?
Do you use Twitter?
Do you use Instagram?

10. How familiar are you with First Nations & Metis culture, literature, and/or history?