As part of the Planning Department's ongoing efforts to better understand the needs and interests of the users of our reports, we are assessing whether or not to revise the Pipeline Report structure, content, presentation, or frequency.

With your responses to the following questions, we will learn how you typically use the Pipeline Report and data, and which changes you would find most beneficial.

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* 1. Do you download the quarterly PIPELINE REPORT?

* 2. Do you download the quarterly PIPELINE REPORT DATA SHEET?

* 3. Which parts of the report and data do you find useful?

* 4. How do you use the PIPELINE REPORT?

* 5. How could the PIPELINE REPORT be changed to substantially increase its value for you? (Please check all that apply and/or describe below.)

* 6. Please provide other comments or suggestions that would improve the Pipeline Report (Optional).

* 7. The next three questions will allow us to know more about who reads the PIPELINE REPORT.

Do you use the report for

* 8. In which industry do you work (e.g., real estate) and what is your occupation (e.g., marketing) ?

  Analyst Sales & Marketing Other Occupation/Work Function
Architecture & Engineering
Real Estate Development
Real Estate Sales

* 9. Do you also read or use other Planning Department's publications and reports? If so, please list below.