Thank you for taking our survey to better our service and products to you.

In the near future we will be printing a new catalog. We would love your feed back as to how to better our catalog for you and your clients.

* 1. Do you have a catalog library that you refer to when shopping for your clients?

* 2. Which do you prefer when shopping for your clients? You may choose more than one.

* 3. When shopping a catalog, do you prefer sketches or upholstered photographs?

* 4. What style furniture would you like to see in the upcoming Lester Furniture catalog?

* 5. How detailed do you prefer the catalogs to be?

* 6. How often do you bring a catalog to a clients home and/or travel with a furniture catalog?

* 7. Please rate our customer service

* 8. Please rate the quality of our products

* 9. Please rate our price points

* 10. Please leave any comments you would like to make our service better for you.