Teacher Application 2017

This is the staff application for the 2017 Summer ESY sessions. Staff will be hired beginning on April 21st and continuing until positions are filled. Letters of assignment and payroll paperwork will be sent out beginning the week of May 1st and continuing until positions are filled. Pay rate is $30.00/hour.

Lindsay Woodard and Wendy Ahern

* 1. What is your first name?

* 2. What is your last name?

* 3. Which School District currently holds your contract?

* 4. What is your current position?

* 5. Do you have current certification in restrictive procedures?

* 6. What is your address, include city and state?

* 7. What is the best phone number to contact you at?

* 8. Please provide email address.

* 9. Have you been employed with Goodhue County Education District before? If so, how long ago. (This is for payroll purposes.)

* 10. Please list specific current teacher licensure areas.

* 11. ESY Dates for 2017 are: July 17-20, Jul 24-27, and July 31-Aug. 3.
Staff hours will vary slightly by site but be approximately 8-11 and 12-3 for each site. This will also depend on how many sessions you serve.

There will be a mandatory meeting for Teachers and Paraprofessionals on May 18th at River Bluff Education Center from 4:30 - 5:30 pm. We will contact you by the email address that you provided.

Please check all of the times that will work for you.

* 12. If you have conflicts with the above dates and/or times, please list below.  Write "No Conflicts" if you have no conflicts with those dates and/or times. Note: You will be expected to be at all sessions unless excused prior to assignment.

* 13. Most ESY programs involve some bending and lifting. Please note ANY limitations or special circumstances we need to know to ensure a appropriate position for you. Enter none if there are none.

* 14. Please check all of the disability areas in which you are interested in serving.

* 15. Please check the age levels in which you are interested in serving.

* 16. Please note any other information you feel we should have.

* 17. We will try to place you in the location which works best for you. This cannot always be guaranteed. Please indicate your top preferences below.

  1 2 3 4 5 6
Cannon Falls
Lake City
Red Wing
River Bluff Education Center