Thank you for completing this voluntary assessment to help us learn about and prioritize your outcomes estimation needs! Depending on how you respond, it should take 15 to 20 minutes. We request that the person filling out this needs assessment is involved in outcomes quantification (i.e., using methods or modeling tools) for your farm conservation project.
Starting in April 2023 American Farmland Trust will offer Outcomes Estimation Tools Training Webinars. Each month we will feature a different tool and training by the tool developers. In order to support the project managers, AFT is conducting this needs assessment to determine which outcomes quantification trainings to offer. 
You have the option to keep your responses anonymous. If you choose to provide your contact information, we may contact you in the future for potential follow-up. Regardless, aggregated and anonymous responses will be shared with the tool developers and the public during webinars. Raw data and participant name data will only be available to the AFT team leading this inquiry.
If you have any questions please contact Michelle Perez PhD, American Farmland Trust at outcomestools@farmland.org. 
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