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* 1. If I were to create a site where you could go and purchase project kits, would this be something you would be interested in?

* 2. Thinking about project kits, would you be more interested in purchasing a kit that contained the supplies you needed to make the project or do you think you would be more interested in purchasing the instructions and using your own supplies?

* 3. Would you prefer to have only one kit available at a time? Kind of a "kit of the month" where there are limited quantities? Or would you prefer to see an assortment of kits that are available at the same time that you can purchase until quantities are gone?

* 4. How often would you like to see a new project kit available for purchase?

* 5. What type of project kits would you most like to purchase?

* 6. How much would you be willing to pay for a project kit? (much of this would depend on the project that was being created for that particular kit)

* 7. Please list any other information or ideas you may have that will help me decide what you would want from a project kit website. Anything goes here, I want to know all of your thoughts!

* 8. Would paypal be an acceptable payment method for you to use to make purchases of the kits from my website?

Thanks so much for taking the survey and providing me with your feedback!