Dear Friend,

Eileen and I are planning our next book and we wanted to run some ideas by you to get feedback about what you would like to read. So I hope you won’t mind taking a few minutes to answer this short questionnaire. Thanks very much


First, we are considering writing a children’s book about our Golden Retriever, Dubs, entitled Dubs Goes To Washington. We’ve found it hard to find any books for young children that discuss patriotic values and how great our country is. So we are going to try to do just that.

In this book, Dubs is looking all over the city for his lost tennis ball. Each page is a new stop on his search with a cute illustration and a short ditty.

The idea is to teach children basic patriotic values while having fun. For example, at the Iwo Jima Memorial, we write:

Our flag was planted by the US Marines
In one of our history's most famous scenes
To the soldiers who made sure freedom never fails
People give thanks and dogs wag their tails!

Here’s the illustration that goes with it:

Question Title

Dubs at Iwo Jima Memorial

Dubs at Iwo Jima Memorial

Question Title

* 1. Can you tell us if you would be interested in buying this book for your children or grandchildren?