Is Your Collections Workflow in Sync with These 10 CFPB New Rule Requirements?

To ensure compliance with the CFPB New Rules, you need to understand where your collections workflow stands today—and where it falls short.

Our 10-question CFPB Readiness Preview offers a small sampling of the CFPB final rule requirements. With this survey, you can start to get a sense of the overall state of your operation and some of the capabilities you might need to become CFPB compliance-ready. We chose these 10 questions because we believe they represent some of the most crucial and high-risk issues Reg F addresses.

Don’t be left scrambling or unaware when Reg F takes effect.

Complete the CFPB Readiness Preview and take the next critical step on your compliance journey. Once you complete the survey, someone will be in touch to help you complete a comprehensive compliance review.
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