Section 1-Awareness of Standards and Testing

Answer each question in the following sections by selecting Yes, No, or Do not Know. All questions refer to the current school year. Did you receive information from your school or district about:

* 1. What the school teaches your child?

* 2. The Florida State Standards?

* 3. State tests, such as the FSA, FCAT2.0, SSA (Science)

* 4. How your child scored on the state tests?

* 5. What a score on the state tests means

* 6. The information used to determine whether your child moves to the next grade or repeats the same grade?

* 7. How you can work with teachers to help your child succeed?

* 8. Did you receive information about monitoring your child’s progress?

* 9. Did you receive information about working with teachers to improve your child’s achievement?

* 10. Did you go to an open house or a meeting where the goals and activities of the Title I program were discussed?