1. Introduction

I am compiling information to better serve family members dealing with mental illness. Thank you for taking the time to share your unique and valuable perspective with me. Please be assured that this is a completely confidential survey. Your email or name Is NOT being tracked by taking this survey. However, if you are interested in receiving my report on collected responses please email me.

The statistics are alarming for those suffering from a mood disorder. Add to this the number of "affected others" including friends, family, and co-workers and that's a lot of people whose lives are altered by mood disorders.

The goal of this survey is to focus on the issues and challenges the "affected" family members face when dealing with a person struggling with mental illness. This could have been as a child or as a young adult. Panic disorder, depression, bipolar disorder, severe anxiety and schizophrenia are all classified under emotional illnesses.

Because this survey is confidential and does not track any personal information I won't know who chooses to participate. So thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts if you choose to participate.

Please stay in touch. My blog has an on going assortment of information, tips and dialogue that I hope will be of interest to you. It will be mentioned at the end of the survey

~~Your identity is not being tracked by responding to this survey. ~~