1. Overview of Key Elements to be a Superb Organization

Is your company covering the bases necessary to be a superb organization that is competitive, profitable and sustainable? Get an overview by taking this survey and help us with our research on becoming superbly successful organizations. This is anonymous. No information on those who complete this is collected, only the data. To keep a copy of your responses, print them using your browser before clicking "next" after question 25.

* 1. The company has a clear strategic direction and plan.

* 2. The company has specific operational/tactical goals that fit clearly within the context of our strategic plan.

* 3. We have a well defined score keeping system that let's us know in a timely way how well the company and each department or division within it is performing.

* 4. Our score keeping system is integrated with and based on our strategic and tactical plans.

* 5. Performance accountability at the individual, department or division level is based on our score keeping system.

* 6. We have a selection system that gets the right people in our jobs.

* 7. We succeed in attracting and hiring the best qualified candidates in the marketplace.

* 8. Our selection process is based on a specific understanding of what it takes to succeed in each job, both personally and professionally.

* 9. The company does strategic talent planning consciously, looking to our future manpower needs and how to develop current or attract new employees to meet those needs.

* 10. The company has effective executive and managerial succession planning.

* 11. Our organizational structure works well to support reaching our strategic and operational goals.

* 12. Leadership is effective in our company.

* 13. Management is effective in our company.

* 14. Everyone in the company is clear what it takes to have satisfaction and loyalty from our customers.

* 15. Expectations regarding the quality of our products or services are clearly spelled out and communicated to all employees in the company.

* 16. Our monitoring and score keeping system tracks specific items related to what it takes to get optimum satisfaction and loyalty from our customers.

* 17. Our company's culture rewards initiative and appropriate risk taking.

* 18. Our company's culture encourages creativity.

* 19. Productivity is at the desired level in the company.

* 20. Our code of company ethics is clear to every employee and is consistently enforced.

* 21. Leaders and Managers in this company role model living our company's code of ethics.

* 22. Communications within the company work well.

* 23. Communications between the company and those external to the company who are important to us such as customers, suppliers and others are effective.

* 24. There is a culture of cooperation, collaboration and teamwork in our company.

* 25. The company handles change well, balancing human and business issues and implementing change in a well ordered fashion with good communication, the best possible employee understanding and the least possible disruption.