Setting the Stage for Planning

The purpose of the ACHN is to network like-minded organizations, agencies, and networks that are already working to improve community health – we aim to “network the networks” around the social determinants of health. Rather than create additional work, meetings or duplicate what you do best, we aim to provide supports and capacity to systems enabling us work more effectively as a region. Where no centralized leadership exists we have committed to take a convening role to move forward planning and implementation activities. Since the creation of our first strategic plan we have seen a dramatic increase in community engagement, communication and most importantly action around a few key priority areas. By employing a Collective Impact framework and embracing principles of developmental evaluation - learn, test and document as we go - we saw success in engaging and supporting existing networks and initiatives, convening and leading in key priority areas, while continually scanning for new opportunities and areas for collaboration.

Since our first strategic plan in 2012 we have seen our regional priorities shift and the focus of our work sharpen as we developed as a network, defining the way we work and the values we work from. We have seen great strides in our network development both internally and externally as well as momentum in 3 main impact areas: transportation or access to services; poverty reduction; and networking the networks - check out our 2016 Annual Report for more details . Moving forward we would like to engage you to find out how we are doing as a developing network and where we may want to direct more energy. Help us to address social determinants in the Alberni Clayoquot Region by letting us know where you see opportunity for the Network to:

Convene – Facilitate and lead around a specific issue which no one organization or community can work on in isolation

Support – Partner and leverage resources to increase impact around an issue area

Participate – Active participation and scoping for opportunities to increase collaboration and future partnerships in impact areas or other areas you see as opportunities short and long term goals to increase community health.

* 1. The The network has been working around five strategic goals for the past five years. From your unique perspective as a community partner what should we maintain and what might we be missing?

* 2. In the past year we have seen great success defining our role as convener, supporter or participant. This has led to increased focus in 3 main impact areas. From your perspective as a community partner what should we maintain and what might we be missing?

  Convene Support Participate
Poverty Reduction
Transportation and Access to Services
Networking the Networks

* 3. Are there specific projects or initiatives which you see as impactful for short and long term development?
This could be areas we are already supporting or new opportunities.

* 4. Are there things you would like to see more or less of from the Alberni Clayoquot Health Network?

* 5. What do you see as the top priority areas which will positively impact community health in the Alberni Clayoquot Region?

* 6. Do you see opportunities for the region to collaborate better to increase impact around community wellness and social determinants?

* 7. What educational resources and opportunities would be of value to you and the community body which you represent?

* 8. What modes of communication work best to keep you engaged?

* 9. To distribute education around key impact areas what mode of media works best in your community?