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Brussels Hell Fire Club is an offshoot of the Hell Fire Club originally founded in London in 1719, by Philip, Duke of Wharton. It has been more-or-less active in various forms and reincarnations. The most (in)famous name associated with the Club remains that of Sir Francis Dashwood, hence the Club is also known as the "Order of the Friars of St. Francis of Wycombe". The establishment of Brussels Hell Fire Club signifies new levels of political and spiritual European Unity. It took nearly 300 hundred years, and the new Conservative government, for Hell Fire Club to move from Westminster to Rondpoint Schuman.

Detailed information on the club structure, protocol and rites can be read in recently published 'Chapter Papers' (Hell Fire Book Club, UK). This is available to purchase directly through http://www.hellfireclubbooks.co.uk/chapter-papers.html (check their other exceptional publications).

For a nice illustrated article on visit to the Hell Fire Club caves in West Wycombe see http://www.aquiziam.com/hellfire-club-caves.html

"To some a dining club, to others a deep study of the soul." (HFC)

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