We need your views!

Over the last year, the JFA Board with State Presidents have discussed the need to take a more co-ordinated approach to our domestic events.  We believe it really important to open this discussion up to you, our community of athletes, coaches, referees, spectators and parents. 
A National Event Series would be a coordinated and consistent approach to delivering key national events; including scheduling, sequencing and competition modelling.

By completing this survey you will be providing your thoughts and feedback to us on what you consider important about a  National Event Series.

You can select more than 1 option for each question.

* 1. Please state your name and best contact details.

* 3. How can we improve the competition experience of our pre-cadet participants and their families?

* 4. How can we improve the competition experience of our cadets and above to reflect what they will experience overseas?

* 5. How do you receive information about our domestic events?

* 6. What do you consider important about event sequencing of our domestic event calendar?

* 7. What part of the year should be avoided for domestic event scheduling?

* 8. What minimum benchmarks should be required for the hosting of a domestic event?

* 9. Please suggest any "out of the box' alternatives competition models you think might be viable? i.e. club teams, league type events, variation in age groups. 

* 10. Please make additional comments, ideas, suggestions for improving our domestic event approach.

* 11. Please indicate if there is any aspect of a National Event Series that concerns you?