Explore Well-Being Possibilities, Create a Vision, Find Hope

At Nancy Booth Coaching, I want to be sure I am writing a blog and creating workshops that meets you where you are in your overwhelm and helps you explore brain-based possibilities that bring health and hope.  I want to create safe spaces for you as you create a vision of what a healthy stress-free life can be like.  What's your vision of well-being and self-care as you seek to tame your overwhelm? What could it look like in your 50's, 60's and beyond? Your feedback will ensure that I am serving you well.

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* 1. Which areas of well-being are not part of daily living for you? Mark all that apply.

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* 2. Without these indicators of well-being, life can be overwhelming and stressful.  What part of life is stressful for you currently and keeping you awake at night?