* 1. For Demographic purposes: please tell us about your self. Check all that apply.

Civic/Community Group member
Person with no Children in the District

* 2. Are you aware that KCSD is currently reveiwing Policy # 1250, the School Volunteers Policy?

* 3. How often do you Volunteer in the Kingston City Schools District?

* 4. Are you aware that a volunteer application is required?

* 5. Would you feel comfortable filling out an application that would require 2 references and reviewed by a supervising administrator?

* 6. For the highest level of volunteer contact with students fingerprinting is required. If you had to pay out of pocket for your fingerprinting would you and could you afford to pay?

* 7. How have you received information about volunteer opportunities in the Kingston City Schools District?

* 8. Do you feel the Kingston City Schools Distrct WELCOMES Parent and Communtiy Volunteers?

* 9. Please feel free to enter any addition comments on theis survey topic below and thank you for taking the time to take this survey