Christian Education Survey for BCC

The Christian Education committee wants your input.  Several ideas for new educational relationship building opportunities are being considered.  Please rate your interest in the following opportunities on a scale of 1 to 5. A rating of 1 would mean that you are not at all interested and a rating of 5 would mean that you are very interested. 

* 1. Family or “home” groups. Small groups of people meet in members’ homes for dinner once or twice per month. Dinner and a bible study or faith discussion is held. Families bring their children who either join in on the conversation or play.

* 2. Wednesday feast. Members of the congregation join the youth for dinner on Wednesdays when youth group is in session. Sharing a meal and conversation. Participants can choose to attend each Wednesday or a time or two per month.

* 3. Young adult group. This opportunity would be aimed at people college age and older who want to gather with others in a group away from church.

* 4. Experiential Sundays. Occasionally, worship becomes active, following up on mission activities, related scripture and opportunities to reflect on Christ in the life of the church. This activity culminates in communion at a Sunday potluck.

* 5. What is your name? (Optional)