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* 1. How far along is your partner?

* 2. Do you think there is enough pregnancy-related information specifically available for expectant fathers?

* 3. What is the "craziest" behavior have you seen in your pregnant partner? Was this a one-time thing or frequent?

* 4. What is the most significant emotional or behavioral change you observed in your partner during the course of her pregnancy?

* 5. Were you surprised by any altered behavior in your pregnant partner?

* 6. What have you found most helps pregnant women feel better, physically and/or emotionally? (i.e., foot rub, flowers, ginger ale, talking, etc.)

* 7. What have you found most difficult or annoying about being an expectant father?

* 8. What is your most significant source of stress as an expectant father?

  Where's my Valium? I want to yell It's a concern A beer would calm me Doesn't bug me
Baby's Room Prep.
Financial Concerns
Partner's Health
Suitability as a parent
Relationship w/the mother
Criticism from others
Caring for the mother
Yours / partner's sexuality
Role / Life Changes
Baby's Health
Dealing with family

* 9. Do you talk to your partner's pregnant belly?

* 10. Please select which, if any, of the following you would like to receive: