* 1. Do you feel that the Ottawa Booth's Community & Family Services (CFS) provides the services as described in its service delivery mandate?

* 2. CFS operates Monday to Friday between 12:30 and 4:00 PM. Are these hours suitable for your clients?

* 3. We are located at the Ottawa Booth Centre at 171 George Street on the Byward Market. Is this location suitable for the clients you refer?

* 4. Our emergency food bank is designed to serve as a supplement to existing food banks in the city. It is accessible once every 3 months only after clients have accessed their local food bank. Do you feel that our emergency food bank meets the needs of our community?

* 5. Our emergency clothing & household vouchers are accessible once every 6 months. Do you feel that this is a reasonable and manageable services interval for your clients?

* 6. In regards to our current voucher program, which option is more suitable for your clients?

* 7. Overall, are we meeting the needs of your clients?

* 8. Are there any services not being offered in the community that The Salvation Army's CFS program should consider?