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Use of a lower splint
Why the neutral zone is important
3D view of TMJ - healthy and dysfunctional
Cross-over wear patterns
Long Centric
Frontal view of effects of interferences
Protrusive movements and effects in open bite malocclusion
Protrusive movements and effects in deep overbite
How supereruption can bring the gum line down
Anterior flaring
Disease progression - Decay
Disease progression - Missing tooth
Disease progression - Perio disease
Disease progression - Cracked tooth
Different tooth/jaw geometries such as occlusal planes, front tooth spacing
Envelope of motion
Constricted envelope of motion
How a pseudo disc can be formed
Include doppler sounds wtih different jaw joint problems
How an articulator works
Speeding decay when enamel has worn through to dentine
Proprioceptive guidance
Rotational bruxing patterns
Relaxing of muscles to allow jaw to settle into CR
Sleep apnea treatments with appliances
Need to do exercises after removing sleep apnea appliances
How interferences affect the seating of the condyles
Show how joints move laterally and medially
Show condyle traveling to the height of the eminence – “normal” function
Show restorative choices: crown or bridge; veneer vs crowns
Wider angle views of open lock and closed lock
TMD issues - Osteophyte growth
TMD issues - Holes forming in the condyle
TMD issues - Joint Mouse
TMD issues - One condyle flattening and elongating while the other shortens
How rubber bands on braces can pull the jaw out of CR
How rubber bands can be positioned correctly to keep the jaw in CR
Add medial pterygoid muscles
More detailed equilibration processes