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This study is concerning an individual’s alcohol expectancy, alcohol consumption and personality. You will be asked to complete two questionnaire around alcohol expectancy and personality. The time required to complete the questionnaire will be approximately 15 minutes and you will only need to complete it one. You are not required to complete this questionnaire all at once, if you are experiencing any discomfort you are able to stop at any time and continue later.

All data involved in this study will remain anonymous, but you are free to withdraw at any time without needing to give a reason. If you withdraw you are able to request that your data be excluded from the data analysis which will be conducted on the 6th of April 2015. From the data obtained I aim to see whether personality will affect alcohol consumption. All of the data obtained will be kept confidential and securely stored before being destroyed once the study is completed.

I understand the information will be kept confidential and any personal information will not be shared.

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* 1. Having read the above information do you consent to participate.