1. First half

* 1. The lectures are interesting

* 2. The lectures are informative

* 3. There are enough office hours

* 4. The homeworks are useful and provided good preparation for the exam

* 5. The homeworks are well written and easy to understand

* 6. The grading on the homeworks is fair

* 7. Let's consider how much time pressure you were under in the exam (where more "time pressure" means you felt like you were more rushed). Compared to other engineering courses,

* 8. Let's pretend you had 3 hours to take the exams and just consider the question difficulty. If you had had 3 hours, compared to other engineering courses, the exam would have been

* 9. Fill in the blank: I did ____________ I expected on the exam:

* 10. The workload in this class is heavier than SUMMER courses of comparable credit