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The APDSP Repro Metrics program will help members understand how to use metrics in their business and allow them to compare themselves to other repro firms. Please answer the questions below to help us understand which metrics you currently use or would like to use. Thank you.

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* 1. Please indicate which of the following financial metrics you currently use and which you would like to use.

  Use currently Don't use currently, but might Don't use, not interested in using
Dollar sales per employee (could be further broken down by segment)
Percentage of sales per segment (repro, color, equipment, etc.)
Operating profitability (EBITDA / Sales)
Profit margin as a percentage (overall and by segment)
Global unit price (a per-unit average)
Days sales outstanding (Accounts Receivable / Net Credit Sales X Number of Days)
Current Ratio (Total Current Assets / Total Current Liabilities)
Quick Ratio ((Total Current Assets – Total Current Inventory) / Total Current Liabilities)
Debt-to-Worth Ratio (Total Liabilities / Net Worth)

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* 2. Are there other metrics that you currently use or would like to use? If so, please tell us about them.

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* 3. If you are interested in learning more about the APDSP Repro Metrics program, which includes education about financial metrics and access to comparable data, please provide your contact information.

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