Tell Your Story: We Lead, We Deliver, We Protect

As a title insurance professional, there is nobody better prepared to teach others the benefits of our business. The most effective advocates tell their story using five easy steps. Please answer these five questions  and tell us your story!

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* 1. Choosing a Story: The what and where. What is a situation when you or someone in our business went above and beyond to for their customers to overcome a challenge and close the deal and where did it happen.

Example: wire fraud issue in California, error in property records in New Jersey, got late child support paid in North Dakota, significant tax lien Texas, stayed open late for working family in South Carolina, etc.

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* 2. Provide Background: What are some basic details about the homebuyer or seller you were working with that will help paint a picture.  Add specific locations towns, counties, neighborhoods, etc.

Example: "I was recently working with an couple getting ready for retirement. All their kids had moved out and they'd sold their house in the Spring Hill School District with the goal of downsizing by buying a smaller home closer to the river."

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* 3. Make it Local: Build a connection with your story by highlighting that it takes place in or around specific communities - what are some of the towns, counties, etc. that it takes place in?

Example: "They had been living just north of Cincinnati but had found a condo in Columbus near Franklin Park which was perfect for them and closer to their daughter who lives in Bexley."

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* 4. Explain the Problem: What unique challenge prevented the sale from closing and how was it a problem for the homebuyers?

Example: “Everything was lined up with the seller but two weeks before the sale was scheduled to close on their new condo, we discovered $45,000 in city tax liens attached to the property."

"Initially my clients were heartbroken, but we explained the liens were probably paid and the city records just weren’t updated. Still, potentially being liable for those back taxes was a big problem for the couple and their mortgage lender.”

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* 5. How You Saved the Day: What steps did you take to solve the problem and make the deal work for the sellers and the buyers?

Example: “We investigated the tax liens and found they were in fact paid, and then worked with the title insurance underwriter to provide a letter of indemnification, which means neither the couple nor lender would have any responsibility to pay the tax liens."

"Three weeks later, they were moving into their new condo and three months after that, the liens were officially cleared from their title.”