Colleagues, thank you for your interest in our second-ever pro bono expungement clinic!  It's a collaborative effort to help people whose old felonies and misdemeanors are barriers to safe housing and jobs.

Our clinic will be in November or December, depending on your availability.

Please help us plan the clinic by answering the following questions.

The expectations are simple: Attend ONE training on the morning of the clinic (materials available in advance) and assist ONE client with expungement paperwork. We are asking attorneys to serve as the attorney of record for the filed motion and to be available to attend ONE final hearing, if feasible. The training materials we will give you will prepare you for the motion and hearing.  Our priority is to make sure you're well-equipped to provide this pro bono service.  
**If you have already attended the training and do not want a refresher, you have the option of meeting with a client individually on your own schedule or meeting the client at the clinic after training (approx. 10:30 a.m.)

We anticipate this training/experience will also give you a useful new practice area to feature on your firm's website and your resume.
If you have any questions, please contact Legal Services of Northern Michigan attorney Heather Abraham at (269) 823-4748 or

* 1. Please select all dates that you could be available.  The clinic will be 9 a.m. to noon (refreshments provided).  Since we are trying to schedule one date that works for the most attorneys and clients, please select all dates you could be available.

* 2. Have you ever represented someone in setting aside an adult or juvenile conviction ("adjudication")?

* 3. How familiar are you with the process of setting aside a conviction?

* 4. Materials:  You will be trained the morning of the clinic and there will be a supervising attorney to assist you.  What materials, if any, would you like access to in advance of the clinic?  Check all that apply.

* 5. Recruitment:  We hope to recruit at least 10 attorneys.  Can you recommend any attorney friends or colleagues?  Please suggest his/her name below.  (Note: If you're not comfortable providing this information, please give Heather's contact information to the individual or forward the survey link.)

* 6. Do you need malpractice insurance for this clinic?  (In other words, you are not otherwise covered by malpractice.  Most private practice plans cover pro bono services.  If you are not already covered, free malpractice insurance is available for this clinic, we merely need to take steps to get it for you.  If you are unsure, please indicate that.)

* 7. Please provide your name and preferred contact information:

* 8. Final Comments:  Please provide any comments or questions here.  We welcome ideas and feedback.  

If you have other ideas for pro bono opportunities that you would like to exist, we are eager for suggestions. Thank you for your time!