Welcome to my survey

* 1. Education Agency Name

* 2. Individual Agent Name

* 3. Country of Origin

* 4. My education agent was helpful and knowledgeable and answered any questions I had quickly

* 5. The information provided by my Education Agent was accurate

* 6. My education agent listed all my needs and enrolled me in the course and college wanted

* 7. My education Agent provided accurate information about fees and charges I would be liable for

* 8. My education agent continued to provide support after confirmation of enrolment was confirmed

* 9. I am satisfied with the service provided by my education agent

* 10. I would recommend my Education Agent to other students wanting to study in Australia

* 11. I continue contact with my Education Agent because they care my progress of study

* 12. I do not contact with my Education Agent because RBIT students support and service me well

* 13. I cannot contact my Education Agent because they no longer existing 

* 14. Please comment on your experience with your Education Agent (Optional):