Thank you for your interest in applying for the 2018 UCSA Charity Fight Night.

Last year, over $20,000 was raised by participants for their chosen charities

This year, the fight night will be held on in Mid July at The Foundry.

 If selected you will be required to:
-       Attend compulsory training sessions 3 times per week for 8 weeks.
(Blue Team - Monday and Wednesday at 5pm, plus Sunday at 3pm. Red Team - Tuesday and Thursday at 5pm, plus Saturday at 11am. If you cant commit to attending these sessions then you wont be considered)
-       Pay a participation fee of $300 (All applicants will be given the option to opt out once confirmed)
-       Raise a minimum of $500 for your chosen Charity through a give a little page.

Selection Criteria
-       Must be a current UC Student or Staff Member
-       R18
-       No experience is required 
-       All boxers will be matched evenly by height/weight/physicality and experience.
-       Selection will be based on commitment, reason for fighting and availability 
-       Again..... You will need to be in Christchurch during the Semester break to complete your training. No exceptions.

Registrations close Monday the 7th May

For further details please see the UCSA website, or if your question is not answered there you can contact:

* 1. Personal Details

* 2. Year of Study

* 3. Do you currently reside in a Hall of Residence?

* 5. What motivates you to be part of this event? 300 words or less

* 9. Tell us a bit about yourself. Background, hobbies, anything really. 100 words or less

* 10. Charity of Choice?

* 11. Are you physically fit?

* 12. Can you describe a time when you were pushed to your limits, and what you did in response? 100 words max

* 13. Do you have any medical conditions? Please describe below

* 15. Fighters will throw punches and fighters will get hit. Do you agree to this if chosen to compete?

* 16. Have you ever been part of an amateur or professional fight before?
Do you have any experience with boxing or martial arts?

* 17. Do you agree that to the best of your knowledge the above is true and accurate?

* 18. Please list all the Social Media platforms you use and the number of followers you have:

* 19. Please provide contact details for two character references which we can contact, (full name, mobile number, relationship).

Each participant will be expected to raise funds for a charity of their choice. A minimum of $500 is expected to be raised.
Thank you for your application.
You will be contacted for further information if you are chosen to be part of of this event.
Selection will be based on commitment, reason for fighting and availability. 

Applications close at 5pm on Monday the 7th of May.