* 1. Was this your first time at TBOX? If not, how many previous times have you attended?

* 2. Where Do You Live?

* 3. How Did You Hear About TBOX?

* 4. When and Where Did You Pick up your Badge and Packet?

* 5. Overall, How Would You Describe Your TBOX Experience?

* 6. Were the TBOX Atmosphere, Festivities, Venues, and Crowd what you expected, and to your liking?

* 7. What Things About TBOX Did You Enjoy the Most? What will you tell friends about the most? What would keep you coming back?

* 8. What Things about TBOX Did You Like the LEAST? What Bothered You? What could we do to improve to make your experience better?

* 9. Rate How You Enjoyed and The Value You Found in Each of the Following TBOX Features:

  Didn't Care / Didn't Use or See So-So I Liked It I Liked It ALOT I LOVED IT N/A
Beer Specials
Liquor Specials
Cereal and Cereal Shots
The Fun Stickers We Created
TBOX Passport and Rubber Stamps
TBOX Bar Picture Frames
The TBOX2011 Summer Camp Theme
TBOX Royal Court
Opening Ceremonies
The Band "Rock Candy" that played at the end
TBOX T-Shirt
TBOX Gym Bag
TBOX Badge
Tents and Twister Pool Games

* 10. How Would You Rate Your Customer Service Experience with the Festa Parties Staff?

  Poor Below Average Adequate Good / Very Good Excellent N/A
In-Office Customer Service Staff
Vines Customer Service Staff
Safeguard Resources Security Team
Charity Bar Host Volunteers

* 11. How many bars did you actually visit? (To the best of your recollection!!!) Did you attempt to follow the schedule of the team/bunk you were assigned to?

* 12. Were there any particular bars at which you received particularly GREAT Service or particularly POOR Service? Were there any bars that treated you great, or treated you rudely? Did any bars have a problem with you bringing in Cereal? Did any bars not honor the $3 Miller Lite special or not offer Jagermeister specials?

* 13. You may or may not be aware that this was the 16th Year of TBOX, and that attendance jumped approximately 70% from 2010 to 2011. We anticipate that TBOX2012 will be in the range of 20,000 participants. In light of this, do you have Any Suggestions for Making the TBOX Experience Better? Feel free to say whatever is on your mind!

* 14. Are you aware of our other events, including BeadQuest in February and Cover Your Bases in April? Would you attend a different Festa Event based on your TBOX Experience?

* 15. Anything Else? :)

* 16. This is anonymous, but if you'd like to tell us YOUR NAME / Email / Phone Number -- and if you'd like to speak with us, tell us your information and let us know -- we're happy to talk further!