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* 1. Each year, the City Council of Manning meets to discuss priorities and areas of concern for the upcoming budget year. Please take a few minutes to answer a few questions to help guide these priorities. 

Please rate your overall level of satisfaction with each area of the City of Manning. If you do not have experience with a department, please mark N/A. Please use the comment section below the question to explain your satisfaction levels and suggest what we can do to help raise your satisfaction level.

  Very Satisfied Satisfied Neutral Dissatisfied Very Dissatisfied N/A
Police Protection
Fire Protection
Ambulance Services
Rec Center
City Cemetery
City Council
City Administration
Streets/Public Works
Gas Service
Electric Service
Telephone Service from MMCTSU
Internet Services from MMCTSU
TV Services from MMCTSU
Economic Development
City's Community Involvement

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* 2. Please rate the following services (or services that have been suggested by community members) in regards to importance. If you are unfamiliar with the service, please mark N/A:

  Extreme Priority High Priority Medium Priority Low Priority Not a Priority N/A
Business Recruitment
Housing Down Payment Assistance
Owner-Occupied Housing Rehab Grants
Rental Unit Rehab Grants
Incentives to tear down run-down homes
Facilitate the building of Spec Homes
Business Retention
Nusiance Abatement (eliminating Barking Dogs, Junk Cars, etc)
More Recreational Programs (Child or Adult)
Keeping Property Taxes the Same or Lower
Expand business incentives (i.e. low-interest loans, specialized financing, etc.)
Better Customer Service from City employees
Historic Preservation
Continue to enforce Property Maintenance Regulations
Facilitate the building of more apartments
Pursue additional housing lot development
Broadcast school functions via Channel 2
Offer Online bill look-up and pay 
Offer Email/paperless billing
Additional free educational/social programs
Facilitate the building of no-step condos 

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* 3. Below are some projects that have been discussed by the City Council or suggested by members of the community. Some would be funded with tax revenue while others may be grant opportunities.
Please rate the following projects on level of importance. If you are unfamiliar with a project, please answer N/A.

  Extreme Priority High Priority Medium Priority Low Priority Not a Priority N/A
Pave sidewalk in front of the Cemetery
Extend the roads in the industrial park area
Add more weight-room equipment at the Rec Center
Install additional rubber surfacing under playground equipment at the park
Expand local walking/biking trail system
Connect to regional walking/biking trail systems
Dog Park
Public Art Installations (examples: lit sculptures downtown, bronze statues, murals, 141 art)
Create an outdoor music/concert venue
Create a nature play area at Trestle park
Benches along trail system
Resurface the Airport Road (West Street from Hwy 141 south)
Add sidewalks where there aren't any
Expand the library or move to a larger library space
Repair/Replace bridge on East Street over Willow Creek
Other (please use comment section to indicate your ideas