Maine South Music Booster Organization - Scholarship Application 2019

Scholarship Information

Please carefully read the following information about the scholarship eligibility and application process.

The purpose of the Maine South Music Booster Scholarship Program is to:
1) Recognize the contributions and achievements of key senior music students to Maine South High School.
2) Provide financial support for selected students as they continue their education at the college level, either in the study of music, music education or any other field.
3) Honor members of the Maine South and Park Ridge community via awards acknowledging their admirable qualities and past contributions to the Maine South High School music programs.

Scholarships Offered:

Please review each description carefully to determine the scholarship(s) for which you are interested and eligible:

The Betty Houlihan Memorial Music Scholarship:
This scholarship is awarded to the senior who demonstrates dedication, loyalty, and pride in one’s work and embodies the principles of hard work and dedication.

The Gordon McLean Scholarship:
The recipient of this award must be a declared music education major in college and be extremely dedicated, thoughtful, inquisitive musician, and professional in all respects.

The Lloyd Spear Memorial Scholarship:
The recipient of this award must be a declared music major in college and demonstrated outstanding musical achievement.

The Music Booster Senior Scholarship:
These scholarships are awarded to college bound seniors who have been active participants in the Maine South High School music program. Recipients can be music majors in college or intend to pursue any other field of study.

Eligibility for Scholarships:

All applicants for scholarships awarded by the Music Booster must:

1) Have a cumulative unweighted grade point average of 2.75 through the end of fall semester senior year OR a 3.25 cumulative unweighted grade point average in all music classes through the end of fall semester senior year.
2) Be active in the Maine South High School music programs for a minimum of 3 years.
3) Complete the Music Booster Scholarship Application in its entirety, including the requesting of a transcript (see instructions below).
4) Provide verification of enrollment in a college or university prior to payment.

Important timelines and deadlines:

February 1, 2019:
Information and Applications are available.

March 1, 2019:
Completed applications due online. Please note: late applications cannot be accepted.

A word about the online application: Choose “next page” at the bottom of each page in order to save your responses. Once you exit the application, you will not be able to re-enter and edit or complete your previous responses. We recommend that you preview the application, complete your essays offline, and then copy and paste them into the application when you are ready to submit.

To preview the full application and essay question, scroll through each page before you enter your responses and scroll back to the beginning when you are ready to<

Question Title

* 1. Your contact information:

Question Title

* 2. Your cumulative unweighted grade point average (through the end of first semester Senior year) Note: all applicants must have a minimum unweighted GPA of 2.75 OR 3.25 Music GPA:

Question Title

* 3. List your co-curricular music activities at Maine South and outside of Maine South (i.e. church, community organizations, etc.)

Question Title

* 4. College(s) you are considering (order is not important):

Question Title

* 5. What college major are you planning?

Question Title

* 6. Please consider me for the following scholarships:
(check all that apply):

Question Title

* 7. Essay Question for all applicants: Applicants for ALL scholarships: you must complete the following essay question:

Describe one of your most rewarding musical experiences, and elaborate on how/why it was significant to you. (300 word limit)

Question Title

* 8. Spear and McLean Scholarship Additional Essays: Applicants to the Lloyd Spear and Gordon McLean scholarships MUST complete this additional essay:

Describe why you wish to pursue a career in music or music education. (300 word limit):

To request your transcripts be sent to the Maine South Music Boosters, please follow these instructions:
1. From the Maine South Homepage, select “Transcripts” from the left-hand side of the page & click on “Request a Transcript”.
2. In the middle of the screen, click on “Maine South: Register here for Parchment”. This will bring you to the Parchment home page. Parchment is the online transcript service you used to send your transcripts to colleges/universities. 
3. If you have already sent transcripts, you should be able to enter your user name and password under “Existing User Account”. If you haven’t, click on “New Learner Account” and follow the directions to setup an account.
4. Once you are into your account, click on “Order your transcript”.
5. When asked to “Select your destination”, click on “Yourself or Another Individual”.
6. Select “Electronic Delivery”   
- Destination Name : Maine South Music Boosters
- Recipient email :
- Retype email:
                7.   Click “Save and Continue”
                8.   Under the “Order Details” screen, please select “Send Now” from the drop down menu.
                9.   Once again click “Save and Continue” 
               10. If you have followed the steps listed above, your transcripts have been sent.  

Remember: your application can’t be considered until you do this!Thank you for your interest in the Maine South High School Music Booster Organization Senior Scholarships!Our scholarship committee will be meeting in March and will announce the scholarships at the annual Senior Honors Night.Please click the SUBMIT button below to officially submit your application. A thank you page will appear that you can print as a receipt of your submission.

Other scholarship information:

All applications will be reviewed by the Music Booster Scholarship Committee, consisting of five parents of non-senior students.
Recommendations for the Music Booster Senior Scholarships will be made by the Music Booster Scholarship Committee.
Recommendations for the Betty Houlihan, Gordon McLean and Lloyd Spear awards will be made by the Music Department staff to the Scholarship Committee.
All scholarship awards are the decision of the Music Boosters Executive Board. All decisions of the Board of Directors are final.
Award recipients will receive payment upon verification of enrollment in the college of their choice. All payments will be made directly to the recipient.
Spear and McLean Scholarship Additional Essays. For potential music or music education major interested in applying for the     Spear or McLean scholarship(s).