The Mt. Juliet League (Baseball/Softball) would greatly appreciate receiving feedback from both player and parent to assist us in the evaluation and overall performance of our coaching staff prior to making appointments for next season.  Your comments and evaluation will be held in the strictest confidence and will remain anonymous as only the Park Administrator, League President, and Baseball/Softball Director reviews them. 

We will be using these to help us develop coach training programs and coach selection in 2018 and 2019. Thank you in advance for your help.

* 1.

Information Section

* 2.

Player Gender

Overall Satisfaction

One of the primary objectives for the Mt. Juliet League, Inc. Division focuses on development and growth. 

* 5. Did the player develop to expectations?

* 6. Did the player develop a greater understanding of the game and its tactics?

* 7. Did the player become more proficient in most elements of the game?

* 8. Did the player enjoy the season?

* 9. Were you satisfied with the rate and scope of your child's development?

* 10. Will your child participate in the Mt. Juliet League next year?

Head Coach Section

* 12.

Would the player like to play for this coach again?

* 13.

Please tell us why you answered as you did.

* 14. How much did you learn from your coach (e.g., techniques, conditioning, game strategy, etc.)?

* 15.

Please rate you coach using the 1-5 scale where (1) means "Poor" and (5) is "Excellent"

  Poor Fair Good Very Good Excellent
Ability to conduct effective practice sessions that improve our team
Ability to demonstrate proper techniques/skills (fielding/throwing/hitting, etc)
Understanding of game strategy and tactics
Ability to communicate with the team on a level that we understand
Ability to motivate the team to become better players

* 16.

My Coach places a high priority on developing each player's ability rather than just winning

* 17. My team's practices/trainings are best described as (Select All That Apply):

* 18. Did your coach demonstrate good team organization on and off the field?

* 19. Did your coach interact and communicate effectively with the parents?

* 20. Do you feel that the coach is a good role model for your child?

* 21.

Is your Coach’s behavior appropriate at games? (Select All That Apply)

* 22. What is your coach's greatest strength?

* 23. What area does your coach need to improve?

* 24.

Additional Comments

Assistant Coach #1 Section

* 25.

Asst Coach #1 Name (Leave Blank if no Asst Coach #1)

* 26. Would the player like to play for this Assistant Coach again?

* 27. Please tell us why you answered as you did:

Assistant Coach #2 Section

* 28.

Asst Coach #2 Name (Leave Blank if no Asst Coach #2)

* 29. Would the player like to play for this Assistant Coach again?

* 30. Please tell us why you answered as you did:

On behalf of the Mt. Juliet League, Inc. Board of Directors and Coaching Staff, thank you for taking the time to complete this evaluation. Your feedback and input is very important as we plan for the future of our competitive staff, players and teams. If you wish to provide any additional feedback on our coaching staff or have any questions please feel free to contact us directly.

Kindest regards,

The Board of Directors

Mt. Juliet League, Inc