"Jerry Friesen, lifelong runner, race director of the Subaru Niagara Running Series, and founder of Cruise toRun, passed away Nov 2nd, 2011 while out for his morning run. He was 51 years old. He left behind Jody, his wife of 25 years, his children, Lindsay, Rachel and Brett and faithful companion Zoey. He also left behind a wonderful legacy of integrity, passion and commitment.

Jerry loved all things running, from helping new runners get started to putting on races and seeing people cross the finish line and achieve their goals. He was always trying to improve his races and give back to the sport that had added so much to his life. So it wasn’t much of a surprise when in 2005, he came home from a long run on a very cold winter day in his hometown of Grimsby, Ontario, Canada, with the concept of a running cruise. Over a year and a half later and much hard work and determination the first Cruise To Run Caribbean was born. Later on came The Runner’s Give Back Program, his way to make a difference on the islands. He loved working with the different tourism boards and island running clubs and loved seeing the runners come together onboard the ship and out on the runs. When he saw the friendships formed, he knew he had something that would work. What started as a small business venture had blossomed into so much more….a wonderful cruising family.

So, with his vision in mind, his wife Jody, along with the help of Guest Hosts, Bart Yasso and Sarah Reinertsen and many of his longtime friends, move forward with Cruise to Run Caribbean 2013.

Join us, and experience Jerry’s dream of “The Ultimate Runners Vacation”. It will change your life."|


Up to 2011 The Annual Cruise-To-Run made annual stops in St. Thomas and other Caribbean Islands. Jerry and I often talked about someday having St. Croix on the schedule of stops for the event. Over the years Jerry and the crew from Canada made it to St. Croix to provide valuable technical support for our triathlon week events.

The successful Cruise-To-Run events in St. Thomas were made possible through the support of the V.I. Dept. of Tourism, The V.I. Port Authority, The V.I. Police Department, St.Thomas Rescue and the local organizer: STAR (The St. Thomas Association of Road Runners).

On the occasion of the running of the Cruise-To-Run in St. Croix, we want to remember: Ms. Joryn Turnbull of the V.I. Dept. of Tourism who passed away in 2011. It was much through her dedicated efforts that the event became successful. To Jerry Friesen for having the vision and what it takes to make a dream come true...

Local runners and volunteers are invited to run and support the Cruise-To-Run (there will be 200 runners from Canada participating) on Jan. 28 at 9am at Fort Frederik. The event benefits the Women's Coalition of St. Croix.

Wallace Williams
Race Director

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