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Please provide answers to the following questions about your business, and it's concern about working poverty in Buncombe County.  The information you provide will help us assess the level of concern, about poverty, in our business community.  Any contact information provided will remain confidential and only be shared with Children's First - Communities in Schools, a local non-profit working  to empower children and their families to reach their full potential through advocacy, education and services. 

* 1. How concerned is your business with poverty in our community?

  Not Concerned Little Concerned Somewhat Concerned Concerned Very Concerned
Level of Concern

* 2. Does poverty impact your business?

* 3. If so, how does poverty impact your business? (Click all that apply)

* 4. How concerned is your business with the following elements, as it pertains to community and poverty?

  Not Concerned Little Concerned Somewhat Concerned Concerned Very Concerned
Affordable Housing
Child Care
Quality Education
Public Transportation
Job Training / Adult Education
Financial (Il)literacy

* 5. On a scale of 1-5 (1 being least true/ 5 being most true), please rate the following statement

  1 2 3 4 5
My business has policies in place to support employment of working poor / low income people (i.e.– living wage certified, flexible schedules, onsite childcare.

* 7. What do you think would compel business leaders to adopt policies and take an interest in eliminating poverty?

* 8. Do your Employees ever report difficulty affording housing, child care, or finding reliable transportation?

* 9. On a personal note, would you be interested in learning more about the challenges of poverty in our community? If so, please provide your contact information so a member of Children’s First can contact you to discuss this matter further.Address

* 10. Would you be willing to participate in a free half-day poverty simulation program?

* 11. If yes, please provide us your contact information.

* 12. Would you be interested in mentoring a child or family on financial skills you have learned that help you in business?

* 13. If no, would your answer change if a curriculum were provided for your use?

* 14. Would your business be interested in providing labor or funding for backpacks filled with food for a weekend to support a working poor family in our community?