If you use and value data from Afrobarometer, please take a moment to help ensure that we can continue to give voice to ordinary Africans.
   We are currently raising funds for Round 7 and 8 surveys, but funders won’t keep supporting our data collection unless they know that the data is being used, especially by Africans. By answering our 3 brief questions, you can help keep Africa's voice alive.

* 1. How do you and/or your organisation use Afrobarometer data or reports? (Where possible, please provide citations or links for documents that used Afrobarometer data or findings.)

* 2. What do you value most about Afrobarometer data and findings?

* 3. Would you like to see Afrobarometer continue for Rounds 7 and 8? If so, why?

   Thank you for answering our 3 questions. In case you're willing, we also provide space below for you to share other insights and ideas.  
   But first please tell us a little about yourself.

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* 5. May we quote you?

* 6. In addition to your own work, have you seen other interesting ways in which Afrobarometer data has been used, especially to affect a policy debate or outcome? Please tell us about them.

* 7. Please tell us how we can better meet your needs.

This completes our survey. Thank you for helping to build Afrobarometer (www.afrobarometer.org) into the world's premier source for reliable data on public opinion in Africa.