We are conducting a survey of members of the NAS Surrey Branch; members of the NAS Surrey Branch online forum and NAS members living in Surrey. This survey has two objectives:

1. To get a greater understanding of your experiences of accessing and using autism services in Surrey, so that we have the evidence to argue for improved services locally. 88% of local authorities told the NAS that they are working towards implementing relevant sections of the Government’s ‘Autistic spectrum disorders: good practice guidance’. We will use the findings in our ongoing lobbying meetings with health, education and social services agencies.

2. To ensure that the services offered by the NAS Surrey Branch are appropriate to the needs of our members. Given that the branch is run by volunteers and is funded by donations only, we need to ensure that time and money are spent effectively to support families affected by ASDs.

You can choose whether to give your name or to answer anonymously. Although the findings from the survey will be used publicly, including anonymous extracts from statements made in answering the detailed questions, we will not reveal any names or details of respondents at any time. Please feel free to omit questions that you feel are not relevant to you or your family.

Please note, throughout the Survey the term ‘autism’ or ASD includes Asperger Syndrome.

Please complete by 16th March 2012.

Thank you very much for your time.

Emma Whitfield,
Branch Officer,
NAS Surrey Branch