Welcome to our competition! First, a little introduction

What is the National Human Development Report?
The upcoming National Human Development Report by UNDP Pakistan is focusing on the critical role the youth can play in improving human development for Pakistan. With 64% of the country’s population below 30, the Report proposes that there is an opportunity to invest in young people's quality education, gainful employment and meaningful engagement to improve human development in Pakistan.

The Report has been an intensely participatory process, guided by Pakistani civil society, politicians and youth in particular. We conducted consultations with young men and women across the country belonging to different backgrounds that included students, religious minorities, factory workers, individuals with disabilities and members of transgender communities.

See our video here for more details on the Report

Why do we want your ideas?
UNDP Pakistan is collecting actionable ideas for the National Human Development that can improve the lives of young people in Pakistan. It is thus crucial that these ideas come from you!

What happens with the best ideas?
UNDP Pakistan will select the best ideas and include them for further discussion for the Report
The best ideas released over our social media pages and will be given a certificate of recognition by UNDP Pakistan.

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