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* 1. Would you be interested in attending another Ignite Spatial NoCo event?

* 2. What was your overall impression of this event and the venue? Any other constructive suggestions?

* 3. Did you feel the length of the event (Social - Game - Presentations) was appropriate? Too short, too long, just right? Did the event go too late?

* 4. Would you be more interested in attending if the event was on a Friday?

* 5. Was there a particular part of the evening activities you found the most or least enjoyable?

* 6. How did you hear about Ignite Spatial NoCo?

* 7. Are there other ways we should advertise for this event?

* 8. Should we tie our next event to another regional GIS event, i.e. GIS in the Rockies, GISCO, Valentine's Day :o)? Or should we stand on our own?

* 9. How did you feel about the beverage options this time? Free kegs vs drink tickets.

* 10. Would you be willing to purchase a ticket for this event, for example for $5.00?