Welcome to the New Executive Director Survey

The Executive Board welcomes your input as we begin our search for a new Executive Director for MASA. We will use the information we gather from this survey, along with the focus group and open forum information, to help create a New Executive Director Profile. This profile will guide our selection of our next leader as we move through the search process.

All responses are anonymous and confidential. The survey results will be reported on the MASA website after March 2020.

We request that each person responds only once to this survey. The survey is designed to allow only one response per device. The survey will be available from January 21st-February 21st.

Thank you for your effort in helping our Executive Board with this important task.

MASA Executive Board

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1. Please indicate the one group that BEST represents you.

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2. What are the TOP Membership Responsibilities of the Executive Director? Select up to five answers.

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3. What are the TOP Responsibilities and Duties for Governmental Relations and Agency/Association Relationships? Please select up to five.

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4. Please choose the TOP SEVEN characteristics/skills (assuming honesty and integrity) that you believe are most important for a person to be successful as the new Executive Director of our Association.

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5. Please share any other thoughts that will be helpful in the selection of a new Executive Director.