Type of Member


Use this survey to become a registered member of the Central Coast STEM Education Collaborative (CCSTEM). Member benefits include:

- Networking opportunities related to STEM in both San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties
- Periodic newsletters related to STEM and STEM Education
- Eligibility to apply for STEM mini-grants provided by CCSTEM
- Opportunities to submit collaborative grants with other CCSTEM members
- Eligibility to participate in annual election of CCSTEM North Governing Board

Types of Membership:

- Individuals of all ages can can become individual members of CCSTEM.

- Organizations can also become organization members of CCSTEM but must provide a designated point of contact who will serve as the liaison to that organization.

* 1. Please provide the following information about yourself:

* 2. Are you registering as an individual or as a representative of an organization?