Overall, how would you rate your satisfaction with the following experiences at Hardin-Simmons University?

  Very High High Low Very Low
Academic experience
Student activities
Religious activities

* 2. What is your overall attitude toward Hardin-Simmons University?

* 3. How did your experience at Hardin-Simmons University meet your needs in the following areas?

  Very Well Satisfactorily Poorly
Intellectual growth
Personal growth
Preparation for further education
Preparation for a career
Spiritual growth

* 4. Indicate your rating of Hardin-Simmons University at the time you applied for admission?

* 5. What were your two most important reasons for CHOOSING Hardin-Simmons University? What were your two most important reasons for REMAINING at Hardin-Simmons University? Read all of the following and then select the first and second most important reasons.

CHOOSING First Choice CHOOSING Second Choice REMAINING First Choice REMAINING Second Choice
Admission standards
Social atmosphere
Religious atmosphere
Programs available
Academic reputation
Availability of Scholarship/Financial Aid
Advice of Parents
Advice high school personnel
Advice of preacher
Tuition freeze
Spiritual calling

* 6. If you could start college over:

  Definitely Yes Probably Yes Probably No Definitely No
Would you choose to attend HSU?
Would the tuition freeze have had a bearing on your decision to attend?

After graduation, do you plan to eventually...

* 8. What are your plans for further education, within the next year?

* 9. Have you secured a full time job?

* 10. List your satisfaction level with assistance from your major department in career planning.

  Very Satisfied Satisfied Dissatisfied Very Dissatisfied
My advisor helped me set career goals.
Instructors helped me understand careers I can pursue in my major.
Instructors have told me about jobs available that I am qualified for.
The required courses in my major prepared me for a career in my field.

* 11. If you have used the Career Services Office, please answer these questions. (If not, skip to question 13.) I used the services of the Office of Career Services to:

  Very Satisfied Satisfied Dissatisfied Very Dissatisfied
Learn to write a resume.
Help me make a career choice.
Help me look for jobs.
Help me set up job interviews.

* 12. Did you attend the etiquette dinner?

Choose one of the first three columns to rate the impact Hardin-Simmons University has had on your education in each area. Choose one of the next four columns to rate your ability in relation to your peers in each area.

  Great Influence Some Influence No Influence Highest 10% Above average Average Below average
Public Speaking
Problem solving
Analyzing and evaluating ideas
Understanding scientific processes
Conducting research
Using library resources
Using mathematics
Using computers
Creative thinking
Critical thinking

* 14. Please rate the impact Hardin-Simmons University has had on your education in the following areas.

  Great Influence Some Influence No Influence
Valuing lifelong learning
Developing Christian values
Deepening understanding of your Christian faith
making ethical choices
Providing leadership
Planning and organizing
Learning to get along with diverse groups of people
Working as part of a team
Experiencing and responding to the arts

* 16. What is your major division (college/school)?

* 17. Please indicate the degree of influence each of the following considerations had on your choice of major (primary major as listed above).

  Substantial Some Little None
I was interested in the subject matter.
Jobs are available in this field.
Opportunity for creativity in this field.
It will allow me to make a meaningful contribution to society.
A professor influenced or encouraged me to take this major.
This field offers highly respected career positions.
Salaries are high in this field.
I have friends majoring or working in this field.
It was challenging.
I enjoyed my early courses in this major.

* 18. Please choose the response that best describes your level of satisfaction with the following in your major.

  Very Satisfied Satisfied Dissatisfied Very Dissatisfied
your department
the teaching ability of the faculty
professional expertise of the faculty
enthusiasm of the faculty for the subject
opportunities for interaction with the faculty
preparation for employment
level of preparation for graduate school
fairness of grading in courses
computer training for my career
opportunities for evaluation of classroom instruction
faculty advising
the academic ability of other students in my major
feedback from instructors about my academic progress
library resources

Rate the following life goals as very important, important, or not important. Then Rank the top four (in your opinion) with one being the most important.

  Very Important Important Not Important
Succeeding in work.
Having a successful marriage.
Having lots of money.
Raising a family.
Geographic mobility.
Being independent.
Making a meaningful contribution to society.
Having interesting things to do.
Continuing to learn.
Meeting interesting people.
Having broad intellectual interests.
Health and wellness.
Helping others.
Being an authority in my field.
Lifetime commitment to Christian faith.

Please rate the extent of your involvement in the following activities during your years at HSU.

  Very Often Often Sometimes Rarely Never
Academic or Professional Fraternities or Sororities
Ethnic Organization
Social Clubs
Intramural Athletics
Plays and concerts
Local Church Group
Community Service Group
Intercollegiate Athletics
Student Government
Attending athletic events
Films and lectures not class related


  Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree N/A
My advisor was accessible/available to me.
My advisor assisted me in making important educational & career decisions (selecting elective courses, exploring majors/minors, career direction, etc.)


  Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree N/A
I used online tools and resources to plan and track my degree progress.
The online registration process was easy & helpful.

* 23. Please indicate your use of HSU Central online resources.

  Often (almost daily) Frequent (at least weekly) Seldom (once a month) Rarely (once a semester) Never
Access email
Self-service resources (view student record, account information, etc.)
Link to other resources (Blackboard, Library, etc.)
Information and announcements.
Course information and selection.