The State of Female Friendship 2012

We're busy. We're tired. We don't get enough sleep, 'me time,' exercise or time to spend how WE want. That's the 2012 woman. BUSY.

But research shows that Female Friendship makes us Healthier, Happier, Less Stressed, Live Longer and Feel more Beautiful. So, it's important to consider the Wonderful Women in our Life!

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* 1. On a scale of 1-5, how much does female friendship mean to you?

* 2. How many girlfriends do you consider to be your BFF?

* 3. How long have your known your BFF(s)?

* 4. How many Facebook Friends do you have? How many would you say are GOOD friends? (females)

* 5. How many female friends do you talk to on the phone or in person on a weekly basis?

* 6. Do you meet on a regular basis with your girlfriends?

* 7. How have your female friendships changed in the past 10 years?

* 8. What food/drink traditions do you have with your girlfriends? Birthday dinners? Happy Hours? Special food you have when you're together? SHARE :)

* 9. What advice (on female friendship/having friends) would you give to women a decade or more younger than you? THX for sharing!

* 10. What is your email address? (Also, feel free to share any advice, ideas, etc. for Girlfriendology) THX!

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